Aviva India launches Kid-o-Scope

avA unique digital platform that helps parents identify and nurture their child’s inherent talent at an early age

Bengaluru  February 22, 2018: Aviva Life insurance a pioneer in the space of child propositions,  announced the launch of “Aviva Kid-o-scope”, a first of its kind digital platform that helps parents identify & nurture a child’s unique aptitude & talents, at an early age, thus helping them to choose a career best suited for their passion, in addition to enabling a financial plan for its fulfillment. 

In today’s fiercely competitive & dynamic environment, identifying a child’s distinct and unique ability, often is the most difficult thing for a parent.  The Aviva Kid-o-scope is a digital platform for Aviva Customers, specailly built with advanced physchometric tools that will enable parents to #CatchTheEarlySigns of inherent talents and aptitudes in their child’s development. Whats more, these assessments can be initiated as early as 3 years of child’s age, and are followed by customised advice to nurture the child unique passion and hone it to mature into a chosen field of career/ profession, as he grows. The financial plan is derived from a education cost calculator that estimates the furture cost of education for the chosen field of study. 

Speaking on the occasion Ms. Anjali Malhotra, the Chief Customer, Marketing & Digital Officer, Aviva India said “We believe that every child is unique and has certain inherent skills, that if honed early will ensure a secure future for the child.  At Aviva we believe in partnering parents by offering not just an insurance solution but a holistic package that will not only help them to plan their child’s future but also help in identifying & nurture the unique traits that their child exhibits. Aviva Kid-o-Scope has been designed to enable parents by helping them gauge the early signs of skill development showcased by the child and accordingly guide them in planning for their future career options.” 

The Aviva Kid-o-Scope has three key unique features built into it –

  • Identify the inherent aptitude by proprietary psychometric assessments, exclusively designed for Aviva, and catering to needs of different age groups from 3 to 15 yrs.
  • Nurture the identified talent with customized guidance in the form of content from experts, hobbies, activities, etc
  • Enable parents to undertake financial planning with the Aviva Education Cost Calculator and then suggest the right product fit to help them achieve their dreams

Research indicates that the early years between the ages of 0-6 are the best for brain development. In fact 85% of the child’s brain development occurs in these formative years. Hence it is critical that parents understand the importance of early years and take steps to identify the unique strengths of their children and therefore aid in the development of the child. 

Aviva has partnered with Intellitots and Students Destination to power the Specialised Psychometric Assessments and with Momspresso to power the Personalised Content for Parents, to build this exclusive Digital Platform.


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